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Course Title: CS2334(01):     Linear Algebra     Course Description Students in Class

Credits: 3 (Fall, 2017)
Classes: 10:10-12:00 Monday and 9:00-9:50 Wednesday at Taidar (Delta) Building 103
Instructor: Chaur-Chin Chen
Tel/E-mail: (03) 573-1078 (O),     33557 (TA, Lab),
Prerequisites: C/C++ Programing Language ,   Discrete Mathematics ,   Calculus I, II ,   [ Data Structure ]  

1. Introduction     An overview     2017 Top 10 Programming Languages 
2. Matrices and Linear Systems of Equations    
      C Program for A=LU       Test matrix A1       Test matrix A2       Test matrix A3    
      C Program to solve Ax=b by A=LU      Test data1       Test data2       Test data3    
      Matlab for A=LU-Decomposition          Matlab to solve Ax=b by A=LU    
      C Program to solve Ax=b by PA=LU     Input data for testing geppX.c   
      Matlab to solve Ax=b by GE/PP           Drive Program for GaussPP.m   
      Matlab Code for PA=LU       Matlab code for testing PA=LU     
3. Determinants    
4. Vector Space and Linear Transform     True-False Problems
5. Orthogonality
      Best Fitting Line     dataGPA.txt     Matlab code for Best Line Fit
      Best Fitting Parabola     dataQua.txt     Matlab code for Best Parabola Fit    
6. Computing Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
      C Program for Computing Eigenvalues     A Toeplitz matrix
      Cholesky Algorithm and Examples
7. Numerical Linear Algebra **    
8. Matlab Practice (1)       Matlab Practice (2)       Matlab Practice (3)       Ax=b (4x4)
      Matlab Practice (more)

S.J. Leon, Linear Algebra with Applications, Global Edition (9e, 2015)
Online Lecture Notes by C.C. Chen

H. Anton and C. Rorres, Elementary Linear Algebra with Supplementary Applications, International Student Version, John Wiley and Sons (11e, 2015)
D. Hanselman and B. Littlefield, Mastering MatLab, International Edition (2012) Pearson International Edition (4e, 2012)
G. Strang, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning (4e, 2006)

(10%) Class Attendance and/or Quizzes
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(90%) Exams
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