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Course Title: ISA5230:   Algorithms for Image Analysis     Course Description     Group Assignment    

Credits: 3 (Fall, 2017)

Classes: 3:30-5:20 Monday and 11:10-12:00 Wednesday at Delta Bldg. 106

Instructor: Chaur-Chin Chen

Tel/E-mail: (03) 573-1078 (O),     (03) 571 5131 Ext. 33557 (Lab),

Prerequisites: Matlab ,   C/C++ ,   ISA5305 [CS3331, CS3332, CS5540]   CS4520 [CS5530]  

1. Image Pattern Analysis   
    Printing Images using raw2ps.c    raw2ps.c    Images by raw2ps.c
    Printing Images using Matlab    Images by Matlab    
    2017 Top 10 Programming Languages     2016 Top 9 Technologies by IEEE     Taiwan Population Age Distribution    
    Prepare a paper     2016IS3C817
    Intensity Transform and Spatial Filtering       Discrete Fourier and Cosine Transforms     Image Transform     Haar-Transformed Lenna
    Image Segmentation     Illustration     Matlab Code     otsu.c     ICM Algorithm
    Skeletonization     thinY.c     Character Q     Character X
    Fingerprint Image Processing     Fingerprints     Face Retrieval     IMQA 2008    
2. Machine Learning (1) - Pattern Recognition   
    Bayes Decision     Illustration of Bayes Decision     Matlab for 2 Chi-Squares     Multivariate Normal Distribution    PCA and LDA     PCA-LDA-ICA Paper  
    Linear and Nonlinear Classifiers     Iris data    Simulation for Bayes Decision     Matlab code for Bayesian Classifier     Matlab for Mahalanobis Distance
    Matlab code for Fisher's Linear Discriminant     Matlab code for K-NN Classifier   
3. Machine Learning (2) - Cluster Analysis    
    LBG Algorithm for VQ     A Codebook of 256 Codewords   
    2010 Data Clustering    2012 Clustering Big Data   
    Data Mining
    Machine Learning     Data Mining    Pattern Recognition
4. Image Data Compression     Huffman Coding     Arithmetic Coding     PPT for Image Data Compression   
    Still Image Coding by Wallace     Fractal Coding     A Comparison of Image Compression
5. Color Image Analysis     Spots Generation     RGB to Tiff Conversion     Example        
6. Biometrics: Advanced Identity Verification       Fingerprint Analysis     
    Fingerprint Verification Paper     Face Recognition Paper      Slides for Face Recognition       IMQA2008 Face Recognition    
7. Watermarking and Steganography    SPIE Presentation    Watermarking by Wavelet Transform    
    2017 Slides     2016 IMQA Paper     1998 Steganography Paper    2001 Watermarking Paper     2004 Steganography Paper    
8. Microarray Image Data Analysis     clusterbio.m     biodata.txt     Paper to Read        

1. Assigned Readings

1. R.O. Duda, P.E. Hart, and D.G. Stork, Pattern Classification, John Wiley (2001)
2. S. Theodoridis and K. Koutroumbas, Pattern Recognition (2006)
3. A.K. Jain and R.C. Dubes, Algorithms for Clustering Data, Prentice-Hall (1998)
4. I.J. Cox, M.L. Miller, J.A. Bloom, J. Fridrich, T. Kalker, Digital Watermarking and Steganography, Morgan Kaufmann (2008)
5. I. Pitas, Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications, John Wiley & Sons (2000)
6. T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, J. Friedman , The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction (2001)
7. D. Hanselman and B. Littlefield , Mastering MATLAB (2012)
8. R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods, S.L. Eddins, Digital Image Processing Using Matlab, Pearson Prentice Hall (2004)
9. Z.N. Li and M.S. Drew, Fundamentals of Multimedia (2004)
10. T.S. Taubman and M.W. Marcellin , JPEG 2000: Image Compression Fundamentals, Standards and Practice (2002)
11. J.R. Parker, Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision, Wiley Publishing Inc., Secong Edition, (2011)
12. W.B. Pennebaker and J.L. Mitchell , JPEG Still Image Data Compression Standard (1993).
13. W. Trappe and L.C. Washington , Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory (2001)
14. W. Stallings , Cryptography and Network Security (200Y)
15. J. Ashbourn , Biometrics: Advanced Identity Verification (2000)
16. Journals: PR, PRL, IEEE Trans. on PAMI, IP, Multimedia, SMC, Computers, Infor. Thy, The Proceedings of IEEE, Bioinformatics,...
17. Conference Proceedings: ICIP, ICPR, ICME, ICASSP, SPIE/VCIP,...
18. Magazines: IEEE Computers, Communications of ACM, IEEE Spectrum,...
19. C.S. Burrus, R.A. Gopinath, and H. Guo , Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms: A Primer (1998)

  • Class Attendance (30%), Exam (30%), Presentations and Report (40%)
  • Problems for Practice
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