Publication List

Ying-Chieh Chen and Chun-Fa Chang.

A Prism-Free Method for Silhouette Rendering in Inverse Displacement Mapping.

Computer Graphics Forum, Vol.27, No.7, October 2008 (SCI)

(PDF, 2.97MB)

(videos, 39.7MB)

Su-Ian Eugene Lei and Chun-Fa Chang.

A Particle-Guided Method for Animating Splashing Stream Water in Real Time.

Poster in Pacific Graphics (PG) 2008.

(PDF, 0.46MB)

Ying-Jui Chen, Chun-Fa Chang, and Yi-ping Hung.

High Quality Novel View Generation of Object Movies.

IPPR Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing (CVGIP) 2008.




Jun-Wei Chang, Su Ian Eugene Lei, Chun-Fa Chang, Yu-Jung Cheng.

Real-time Rendering of Splashing Stream Water.

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP) 2007. (EI)



Ying-Chieh Chen, Sin-Jhen Chiu, Hsiang-Ting Chen, and Chun-Fa Chang.

Physically-Based Analysis and Rendering of Bidirectional Texture Functions Data

Proceedings of International Computer Symposium (ICS) 2006.

(Also submitted to JISE Special Issue on Selective Papers in ICS2006)

(PDF, 0.74MB)


Yung-Feng Chiu and Chun-Fa Chang.

GPU-based Ocean Rendering

Poster in ACM 2006 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D 2006).

Also to appear in Proceedings of IEEE 2006 International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2006).

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(Paper, 2.36MB)

(video, 5.62MB)

Ke-Sen Huang, Chun-Fa Chang, Yu-Yao Hsu and Shi-Nine Yang. 

Key Probe: A Technique for Animation Keyframe Extraction

The Visual Computer, Volume 21, Numbers 8-10, pp.532-541. September 2005.


Chun-Fa Chang, Yung-Feng Chiu and Wei-Zhi Liao. 

View-Independent Object-Space Surface Splatting

Proceedings of CVGIP 2005

(PDF, 1.42MB

Ying-Chieh Chen, Chun-Fa Chang, Zong-Nan Shen, Yong-Min Chen and Hong-Long Chou. 

Image-Based Model Acquisition and Interactive Rendering for Building 3D Digital Archives

Proceedings of 2005 International Conference on Digital Archives Technologies (ICDAT 2005).


(PDF, 912KB

(video, 8.59MB)

Wan-Chun Ma, Sung-Hsiang Chao, Yung-Yu Chuang, Chun-Fa Chang, Bing-Yu Chen, and Ming Ouhyoung. 

Level-of-Detail Representation of Bidirectional Texture Functions for Real-Time Rendering

Proceedings of ACM 2005 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D 2005)



Su Ian Eugene Lei and Chun-Fa Chang. 

Real-Time Rendering of Watercolor Effects for Virtual Environments

Proceedings of IEEE 2004 Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2004).

(PDF, 227KB)

Wan-Chun Ma, Sung-Hsiang Chao, Bing-Yu Chen, Chun-Fa Chang, Ming Ouhyoung, and Tomoyuki Nishita. 

An Efficient Representation of Complex Materials for Real-Time Rendering

Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) 2004.

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(video, 12.4MB)



Hsiang-Ting Chen and Chun-Fa Chang. 

AR for the Masses: Building a Low-Cost Portable AR System from Off-the-Shelf Components

Proceedings of ACM VRCAI 2004.

(PDF, 3.5MB)

(video, 5MB)



Zhe-Yu Lin, Shyh-Haur Ger, Yung-Feng Chiu and Chun-Fa Chang. 

A Thin-Client Approach for Porting OpenGL Applications to Pocket PC's

Computer Graphics Workshop 2003.

(PDF, 326KB


Xinyi Jiang, Chun-Fa Chang, Shitang Chen, Wei-Yih Ho and I-Cheng Chang. 

Recovery of Reflectance Properties for Merging Multiple 3D Scans

Proceedings of IEEE Fourth Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2003).

(PDF, 1.64MB)


Chun-Fa Chang and Shyh-Haur Ger. 

Enhancing 3D Graphics on Mobile Devices by Image-Based Rendering

Proceedings of IEEE Third Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2002).

(PDF, 215KB)


Chun-Fa Chang, Gary Bishop and Anselmo Lastra.

LDI Tree: A Hierarchical Representation for Image-based Rendering

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.

(PDF, 1.04MB)


Norm P. Jouppi and Chun-Fa Chang.

Z3: An Economical Hardware Technique for High-Quality Antialiasing and Transparency

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware '99. (Best Paper Award)



S. Kumar, C. Chang and D. Manocha.

Scalable Algorithms For Interactive Visualization Of Curved Surfaces

Proceedings of SuperComputing 1996. (Best Student Paper Award)


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(PDF, 279KB)


  • Method and apparatus for compositing colors of images using pixel fragments with Z gradient parameters.

Norm P. Jouppi and Chun-Fa Chang. United States Patent 7,064,771. Filed April 28, 1999. Issued June 20, 2006.

  • Method and apparatus for compositing colors of images with memory constraints for storing pixel data.

Norm P. Jouppi; Joel J. McCormack; Chun-Fa Chang. United States Patent 6,204,859. Filed October 15, 1997. Issued March 20, 2001.


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