We normally run 2 industrial projects and 2 National Science Counsel (NSC) projects. Our group has sufficient funding and several interested projects in AI and VLSI design/design automation. I am now running a large scale AI on chip project consisting of AI hardware and software design.  Highly motivated students who are interested in VLSI design, IOT software/hardware co-design, machine learning for health care and AI design are welcome to join our group. 


Students normally will be working with a large group including professors, industrial engineers, master and Ph. D. students, learning real industrial problems, and solving large practical industrial issues.  In addition to solve real issues, our group also actively publishes high quality conference and journal papers which require creativity, innovation, and significant contribution in the area.  Our group has strong records of publishing top international conference papers and as a result, students have the chances to go overseas to present his/her works.  Students who have motivations in pursuing Ph.D. are also high encouraged.  In the past, my several students have been granted full scholarship in top universities such as CMU, UCLA, and UCSD for Ph.D.

Our group also have very good atmosphere of cooperation. Several students are good at various kinds of sports.  Students will be working, having fun, and sporting together for those years in the lab.