Shih-Chieh Chang


 Professor of Dept. of Computer Science,

 National Tsing Hua University Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.  

 Tel: 03-5742964, FAX : 3-5723694

 Office Tai-Da 619   Email:



Academic Honors & Activities



VLSI/CAD laboratory

Student Recruiting



Ph.D.:       University of California at Santa Barbara (1994).

 B.S.:         Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University (1987). 


   2022-now:       工研院電光所所長

   2020-now:      人工智慧聯盟 副會長

   2001-now:       Faculty in CS dept., Tsing-Hua U.


   2018-2022:        Director of Artificial Intelligent Center  AI中心主任

   2016-2022:       Director of Computer and Communication Center 電通中心主任

   2020-2022:      ITRI 電光所  技術長

   2015-2017:       MOST microelectronic coordinator 科技部微電子學們召集人

   2012-2017:       IEEE Transaction VLSI AE

   2014-2017:       IEEE Transaction on CAD AE

   2015-2016:       Executive Director of NPIE Bridge Program

   2016-2018:       IEEE ICCAD Executive Committee 

   2018-2020:      ITRI 電光所副所長

   2017-2018:       Associate Vice President of Research 副研發長

   2013-2015:      Department Chair  in CS dept  系主任  

   2011-2015:      Executive Director of National Program for Intelligent Electronics 智慧電子國家型計劃執行長

   2009-2012:       ACM Transaction TODAES AE

   2008-2010:       IEEE Taipei Section CAS chapter Chair

   2004-2007:      Director in DTC (積體電路中心 主任)

   1995-1996:       Senior R/D in Synopsys Inc. U.S.A.

   第六屆   臺灣積體電路設計學會 理事長

   教育部 VSLSI 教改計畫總聯盟招集人

Research Interests:

   Deep Learning

˙       Robust neural network against noise and variation

˙       Deep learning model and system design for voice recognition

˙       Natural language modeling

   Deep Learning Design and architecture

˙       Low Power Estimation of Deep Learning

˙       Low Power Architecture of Deep Learning

˙       AI Failure analysis, Recommendation system, architecture search

   VLSI design and Design automation

˙       Aging, Noise, thermal analysis

˙       Power gating design for leakage power minimization

˙       Delay variation tolerance design and design automation

   IOT design for healthcare

˙       Footwear IOT Design

˙       Gait Analysis

˙       Sensor Fusion