Syllabus for CSC4005 - Distibuted and Parallel Computing


Instructor : 钟叶青 (Yeh-Ching Chung)

Office : Research A Building Room 403 (RA-403)

Phone. 0755-23519576 (Office)

            185-7673-9791 (Mobile)

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00

                      Thursday 15:00 - 17:00

Goals : 1. Understand the distributed and parallel computing systems

            2. Familiar with parallel and distributed languages, such as MPI and Pthread, and use them to design parallel and distributed algorithms

Textbooks :

1. Parallel Programming – Techniques and applications Using Networked  Workstations and Parallel Computers, Barry Wilkinson and Michael Allen, Prentice Hall, 1999.


1.     Documentation (MPI, Pthread).

2.     Designing and Building Parallel Programs, Ian Foster, Addison Wesley, 1995.


-        Introduction to Parallel Computers (slides-1)

-        Message-Passing Computing and Programming (slides-2, MPI, tutorial)

-        Multithread Programming (slides-8, Pthread)

-        Embarrassingly Parallel Computations (slides-3)

-        Partitioning and Divide-and-Conquer Strategies (slides-4)

-        Pipelined Computations (slides-5)

-        Synchronous Computations (slides-6)

-        Load Balancing and Termination Detection (slides-7)

-        Sorting Algorithms (slides-10)

-        Numeric Algorithms (slides-11)

-        Image Processing Algorithms (slides-12)



Class participation - 10%   

Programs - 90%

-        Parallel Odd-Even Transposition Sort (The 4th week)

-        Mandelbrot Set Computation (The 6th week)

-        N-Body Simulation (The 8th week)

-        Heat Distribution Simulation (The 10th week)

TA:  Hongliang Zhu (朱弘亮,, Peipei Zhu (朱佩佩,


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