PP 簡報



PP 簡報

Typical CSMA/CD Network

IEEE 802.3 Architecture

CSMA/CD Protocol

CSMA/CD Collision Handling

IEEE 802.3 Frame Format

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC32) Hardware Implementation

Flow Chart

Collision Detection Window for Baseband CSMA/CD (=2a)

Cable Signalling (Manchester Encoding)

Network Configuration Example 1 (Single segment)

Network Configuration Example 2 (Two segments)

Network Configuration Example 3 (Five segments, maximum)

Architecture, Functions, and Implementation

Calculation of Slot time (Example 3)

Broadband CSMA/CD

Broadband Collision Detection Window (= 4a)

Alternative Physical Layers

10Base5 Medium Specification (粗線 Ethernet)

10Base2 Medium Specification (細線 Ethernet)

10Base5 and 10Base2 Networks

1Base5 Medium Specification (StarLAN)

Single Hub and Multiple Hubs Architectures

Functions of HHub and IHubs

Operation of a two-level 1Base5 network

Collision Presence (CP) Signal

10Broad36 Medium Specification (StarLAN)

Transmission and Receive Flows for 10Broad36

Scrambling Process in 10Broad36

Scrambling and Descrambling

Scrambling and Descrambling Example

10BaseT Ethernet Examples

Ethernet Examples (10BaseT+10Base2)

Ethernet Examples (10BaseT+10Base5)

Ethernet Interface Card Example (10Base5)

Ethernet Interface Card Example (10Base2)