11th International Symposium on System Synthesis

December 2-4, 1998
15F., Chinatrust Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Presenting Author's Note
Thank you very much for your contribution to ISSS'98. Some presentation reminders are listed below:
1. There will be an open bar right next to the conference room for all attendees. Please come to meet your session chair at least 10 minutes before the session begins.
2. So far no one has requested for special A/V equipments before the conference, only standard equipments are prepared. In case you have special needs, you have to discuss it with our staff behind the Registration Desk in advance of your presentation.
An Over-haed-projector (OHP) with a laser pointer will be provided in the conference room for transparency projection, A slide projector and a PC-based projector will also be prepared, but will not be ready unless requested in advance. For any operating problem with the facility or equipments, please ask the staffs for their help.
3. Each regular paper has only 20 minutes for presentation (17 minutes presentation + 3 minutes questions). Please cooperate with your session chair with regard to how time is allocated. We have also allocated 30 minutes for poster presentation and discussion.
4. For the poster session, we allocate a 5-minute oral presentation slot for each poster paper, no question will be allowed. After that, we have a 1-hour poster presentation session.
5. Please send your poster (about 6-8 pages A4 size) to us when you register at the ISSS'98 Registration Desk. We will post them for you in the conference room.
6. Please send your simple biography (including name, application, education, and experience) to us by fax or e-mail by Nov. 30. we will pass them to your session chair.
Thank you for your cooperation and see you in Hsinchu.
ISSS'98 Program Chair
Allen C.-H. Wu