Seminar in Information Systems and Applications

ISA 565100 -- Fall 2007

Wednesday 13:30-15:00
236 CS Building

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Instructor: Hwann-Tzong Chen

740 CS Building
Office hours: by appointment, or just stop by
Teaching Assistant: Jimmy Liu
jimmyliuchad [at] yahoo [dot] com


Date Speaker Title
9/12 Instructor Overview
9/19 Group 1: Student ID 9565506, 9565701, 9565702 9665501 ~ 9665523 Student Presentations (see messages above)
9/26 Group 2: The Rest Student Presentations (see messages above)
10/3 Prof. Chiou-Shann Fuh
Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Taiwan University
(In English)
A Guided Tour of Computer Vision
10/10 No Seminar Double Tenth Day
10/17 Dr. John Aston
Institute of Statistical Science
Academia Sinica
(In English)
The Roles of Computer Science, Statistics and Machine Learning in Medical Image Analysis -- An Overview
10/24 Prof. Mark Liao
Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica
(In English)
Multimedia Signal Processing and Its Applications to Surveillance Systems
10/31 Prof. Chu
NTHU Counseling Center
Significant Learning and Time Management
11/7 Dr. Yi-Jen Chan
General Director
Electronics and Opto-electronics Research Laboratories
Industrial Technology Research Institute
(In English)
Advanced Electronics and Optoelectronics Study in EOL and Our Point of View
11/14 No Seminar University Sports Day
11/21 Prof. Wen-Chih Peng
Assistant Professor
Dept. Computer Science
National Chiao Tung University
Optimizing Parallel Itineraries for KNN Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
11/28 Mr. Weiling Liu (In English)
12/3 (Mon.)
12/5 (Wed.)
Prof. Peter Chen
There will be two seminars you need to attend this week:
The first talk will be held in the EECS basement conference room from 1:30pm to 3pm.
Wednesday's seminar will be held in the International Conference Hall at General Building II 8F, also from 1:30pm to 3pm.
(In English)
1. Entity-Relationship Modeling: Past, Present, and Future (Dec. 3)
2. Terrorism and Cyber Crimes: Two Major Threats to Our Society (Dec. 5)
12/12 International Students International Student Activity
12/19 Prof. Dalton Lin
Associate Professor
Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Taipei University 
(In English)
Identifying Facial Expression According to a Multi-Feature Model of Two-Dimensional PCA and Local Binary Pattern
12/26 Dr. Chun-Shien Lu
Associate Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica
(In English)
Distributed Video Coding
2008/1/2 Prof. Chun-Chieh Wu
Dept. Atmospheric Sciences
National Taiwan University
(In English)
Targeted Observation, Data Assimilation, and Tropical Cylcone Predictability
2008/1/9 ISA Faculty Panel Discussion


Presentation 30%
Term paper 30%
Participation 40%