CS5500 計算機圖學(Computer Graphics)

Spring 2006

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Syllabus in HTML, in PDF


·        Due to the large class size, we have moved to the larger classroom next door (EECS 127).

·        The TA is 陳相廷.  You may reach him by timchen_at_ibr.cs…(omitted to deter spams) or 571-5131 ext.33555.  His office is at room 840.


Lecture Slides:

·        Feb 23: Introduction

·        Feb 27: OpenGL Tutorial I

·        Mar 2: OpenGL Tutorial II

·        Mar 9: Coordinate Systems and Frames; Transformations

·        Mar 20: Viewing

·        Apr 10: Shading

·        Apr 17: Front End of the 3D Graphics Pipeline

·        Apr 20: Bresenham's Line Drawing

·        Apr 24: Setup of the Viewing and Projection Matrices

·        Apr 27 (PDF): Hidden Surface Removal (An Excel Spreadsheet showing the nonlinear Z curve.)

·        May 1  (PDF): Rasterization (Handout)

·        May 4  (PDF): Texture Mapping

·        May 11 (PDF): Curve Surfaces

·        May 15 (PDF): Programmable Shaders (handout: #1, #2)

·        May 22 (PDF): OpenGL Shading Language I

·        May 25 (PDF): OpenGL Shading Language II

·        May 29 (PDF): Global Illumination: An Overview (New!)


·        The code and data in Ed Angel's "Interactive Computer Graphics" book are available in the author's website.

·        SIGGRAPH 2001 Course #54, An Interactive Introduction To OpenGL Programming

·        Online version of the OpenGL Programming Guide (The Red Book) ver.1.1. (alternative link)

·        Online version of the OpenGL Reference Manual (The Blue Book) ver.1.4.

·        Online OpenGL Shading Language tutorials: (1) at OpenGL.org  (2) at Lighthouse 3D. (New!)

·        "Real Time Rendering" by Moller & Haines.

·        Interpolation for Polygon Texture Mapping and Shading” by Paul Heckbert and Henry Moreton.

Tools & Example Codes:

·        A 3D vector and matrix library (written in C++).

·        GLUT library (documents in HTML, in PDF, header & binary precompiled for MS Windows).

·        GLUI User Interface Library.

·        A simple OpenGL example (GLUT required).

·        Examples of PPM image I/O, written in C and C++IrfanView (a freeware) may be used to view the images.

·        A cow model (in OBJ format).

·        Some 3D models may be obtained at 3D Cafe and http://lodbook.com/models/.

·        Maya 6 (Personal Learning Edition).

·        Progressive Radiosity by Eric Chen. (New!)

Similar Courses Elsewhere:

·        "Computer Graphics" (Comp236) at University of North Carolina, U.S.A.

·        "Computer Graphics" by Prof. Bing-Yu Chen at National Taiwan University.

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